Thursday, September 06, 2007

Zionism is not racism

Accusing Zionis of racism is not only a false precept - it is outright hypocrisy and willful distortion of facts:1) The Jewish people (and Israel) are composed of many types of "races" White Europeans; dark skinned Orientals; black Cochin Indians and black Ethiopeans; and many converts from all kind of backgrounds;2) "My House shall be called a House of Prayer for a l l peoples" says Prophet Isaiah, and so it is for every one who wants to adhere to the words of the Prophets. None would be excluded or rejected because of race or nationality.3) Going beyond this prophetic concept, every visitor of Jerusalem - Jew, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, whatever - can at any time approach freely the "Western Wall" (often spoken of as "Wailing Wall") and offer there his/her personal prayer. The only "restrictions" are that he/she is dressed properly; does not disturb others; and does not bring in idols for worshipping them; and that man and women would go each to his / her section.4) Compare this with the practices in Mecca and on the Temple Mount:a) No non-Muslim is allowed to enter the Mosque of Mecca;b) Non-Muslim who want to visit the El-Aqsa Mosque and/or the Dome of The Rock (a Moslem shrine) on the Temple Mount has to pay entrance fee and is strictly forbidden to pray, to meditate, to read Bible or any other book besides the Koran.5) In the State of Israel, there are Arab political parties; Arab members of Parliament; high ranking Arabs in governmental services. There is no Arab / Muslim country which would even come near to this practice. And these proud, haughty Muslim nations have the cheek, even audacity, to accuse Judaism/Israel of racism! In their countries it is perfectly alright to publicly write and shout "Kill the Jews (note: Jews; not merely Israelis or Zionists) wherever you find them, this is pleasing to Allah; and would hasten the redemption". (This battle cry of theirs is nothing new, it was invented by the then Grandmufti of Palestine, Amin el-Husseini, in his alliance with nazi-Germany during WWII), Outright anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic; yea racist in the most basic and base meaning of that word!And the nations, including the UNO, instead of castigating and reproaching these hypocritical accusers of Israel, bow before them (or before their crude oil), and let Israel down:Many many UNO resolutions and decisions could be quoted in that line - from the accusation that Israel was responsible for the arson of the El-Aqsa Mosque in 1970; via Israel's expulsion from the UNESCO in 1973 based upon the accusation that Israel's archaeologists are undermining the El-Aqsa Mosque in order to bring it to a collapse; the UNO resolution in 1984 which equated Zionism with racism; etc etc; down to the present judging of Israel for the "massacre" in Jenin. How could Israel trust their biased inquiry commission?Why are they so willing to listen to the willful lies of Arab propaganda? Why are these lies so soothing in their ears? Is that so because they have perhaps not yet overcome their own anti-Semitic heritage? In any case, what a shame, what hypocrisy! What crime!Dr. Asher EderJewish Co-Chairman, Islam-Israel Fellowship


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